Accounting Software for Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi – UAE

There are a ton of products available in the accounting software market today. All of them are vying to be the best at different facets of business. With so many options, the business owner requires expert assistance. In choosing the best accounting software for his enterprise. Here’s where WAPC can assist. We are skilled chartered accountants with a wealth of documented experience. Let’s get more details about Accounting Software in Dubai.

With all popular accounting software packages, including Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, and Tally ERP. We thoroughly research your company and sector. And the necessary features before recommending any accounting software.

Accounting Software Overview:

Accounting software has tools for monitoring a company’s earnings and outlays. The best small business accounting software includes dashboards. That gives you a quick overview of critical financial aspects like.

Cash flow, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and historical sales data. In addition to a variety of reports that let you assess the financial health of your company. Accounting software for small businesses can also help with tax management.

Allowing you to estimate your tax liabilities accurately. And make the necessary financial savings. The best accounting software eliminates the need for repetitive data entry. Across systems by integrating with other essential business systems. Such as payroll and HR software.

Advantages of having accounting software:

There are numerous benefits to using accounting software. Regardless of how long your company has been in operation or whether this is your first venture. Remember these seven advantages of accounting software for small businesses.

  • Saves time

Setting up your accounting software requires time. Just like setting up any new software. Even so, once you do, it will automatically handle labor-intensive tasks. Manual bookkeeping and accounting procedures, saving you work hours every week.

For instance, accounting software gathers all the data automatically. So you won’t need to manually enter data on your spreadsheet to review your transactions. or download CSV files from your bank or credit card accounts.

  • Generates essential financial reports in real-time.

Say goodbye to waiting for your administrative assistant to compile your reports. Reports are integrated into accounting software platforms and are updated automatically. You can download your balance sheet. cash flow statement, and P&L statement (also known as the income statement) with just a click.

These documents display essential information. Such as income and expenses for the current month, quarter, or year. Reports can typically be customized by adding extra detail or filtering the data.

If you have more specific reporting requirements. You can then save these reports to run at a later time.

  • Syncs every financial record for you.

It may take hours to gather the required information. if details are dispersed over various mediums. such as payroll solutions, debit and credit card accounts, and financial institutions.

Accounting software will use an API to sync data from your online accounting tools. saving you time and effort when compiling a complete financial record. by eliminating the need to download economic data from multiple sources.

  • Encourages accurate data.

If you change your records, you don’t have to manually update cells in sheets when you use the software. Instead, any changes you make will be automatically reflected in your financial statements. and reports, assisting you in maintaining error-free data.

  • Generates financial statements that have a professional appearance.

It’s crucial to deliver documents that appear professional rather than homemade. as soon as you start receiving requests from outside parties for financial statements. 

The financial statements you share, especially with prospective investors, must be precise. Appropriately formatted and delivered on schedule.

If they are, it will appear that your finances are in good shape. And you might miss out on opportunities. Accounting software generates financial statements. Which can be downloaded and shared in standard formats upon request.

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Various Accounting Software are:


One of the pieces of Intuit software is QuickBooks. QuickBooks was formerly considered “entry-level.” but this view has since been dispelled. By the software’s widespread acceptance among accountants and companies. A variety of options and services are available with QuickBooks, including:

  • Your money-out information is always at your fingertips with an advanced bill tracker.
  • You can quickly free up your send forms queue.
  • A brand-new reporting feature called “this year to last month”
  • Homepage Insights provides instant access to business performance reports.
  • All reminders and notifications, including to-do lists and overdue items. and system notifications are in a single window.
  • The Advanced Accountant Collaboration Tools allow you to send your accountant files.
  • Notes from clients, suppliers, and staff can be pinned.
  • Emails and reports may contain several attachments.
  • Email templates that can be altered
  • One hundred pre-formatted report formats
  • You can access all of your revenue-generating transactions in one location.
  • It is possible to combine several banks and accounts for tax season.
  • Tracking bounced checks
  • A sales lead tracking lead center
  • Report formats unique to a given industry shared with other individuals


ZoHo stands out from other accounting packages. Due to its extensive integration with numerous apps and programs. It functions anywhere you go, thanks to its portable connectivity. (Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone).

You can access your documents from almost any cloud storage device. Workflows, purchase and sales orders, reporting, inventory, and bill payments. banking, projects, estimates, and expenses are all seamlessly integrated.

Customers can even view all their transactions in one place. make large payments to you and even submit feedback. to improve the services you offer them through ZOHO’s client portal.

ZOHO is one of the few accounting programs accredited. And approved by the federal tax authorities. It also integrates with VAT tracking and reporting with ease.


In addition to having a simple user interface. XERO fully integrates with outside payroll services. Businesses can use Xero’s integration with Stripe and GoCardless. to accept payments from clients online. Some basic features of XERO include:

  • Cloud-based
  • Possesses a mobile app
  • Gusto payroll integration
  • Third-party application store
  • Basic inventory control

This is merely a summary of the accounting software available. To learn more, contact WAPC and let us assist you in transitioning to online accounting.