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The organization’s most significant immaterial resource is its highly skilled workforce. And committed group of associates and professionals. WAPC has succeeded over the years in keeping its talent. Also, we discuss much more about our services of accounting and financial auditing.

Utilizing it, and offering an appropriate environment for the workers’ all-around development. This accomplishment results from a highly flat organizational structure.

Also, ongoing programs for human resource development, motivation, and training. Given the rapid advancements in technology. our clients’ needs are ever-evolving. so we always strive to be in the best position to meet their evolving needs.

We at WAPC constantly create new capabilities by enhancing our working procedures. And providing clients with digital facilities. We collaborate with our clients to create enduring partnerships. that enhance and support their business operations.

WAPC All Sevices:

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  2. Accounting Software
  3. Corporate Tax
  4. Forensic Audit
  5. Company Formation
  6. Internal Audit
  7. Company liquidation
  8. Utimate Beneficial Owner
  9. Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  10. Feasibility Study
  11. ADNOC ICV Certification
  12. ESR Reporting
  13. External Audit

     14. Tax Consultant

Internal Audit

Internal auditing is a free-standing, impartial assurance and consulting practice. that aims to enhance an organization’s performance. Workable solutions are produced by WAPC Internal Audit Services’ thorough, systematic approach.

Our experts are committed to adding value by providing you with the knowledge. and insight necessary to face the future head-on throughout your entire company.

We aim to be strategic business advisors by focusing on continuous business improvement. And helping you accomplish your business objectives. in addition to offering independent assurance on crucial business processes.

Our internal auditing will be conducted in accordance with IIA compliance. with a focus on skilled experts and a variety of solutions that comprise:

Company Formations

The procedure of integrating (registering) a business as a limited liability company is known as company formation. A company that has been registered becomes an independent legal entity, a “person” that exists independently of its owners and is in charge of managing its own funds, property, and debts.

WAPC is an experienced firm with a regional focus. and its services cover every facet of business in the United Arab Emirates. We provide full company setup services in the UAE, including all license types. The kinds of businesses you can create are as follows:

  • Companies with Limited Liability
  • Highly skilled Companies
  • Free Zone Businesses
  • Offshore Businesses
  • Visa for Freelance License


Making and keeping a business’s financial records is known as bookkeeping. It entails keeping accurate records of a business’s financial transactions. in addition to archiving and securely storing financial records.

When bookkeeping is done correctly, the information is precise, and arranged in a useful way. and allows shareholders or business owners to make important financial decisions. regarding the company. Among the main attributes of our bookkeeping service are:

  • Processing of sales and purchases
  • Posting of general ledger trades
  • Reconciliations of banks
  • Disclosure of cost centres
  • Creation of the trial balance, and financial statement. profit and loss account, and overall ledgers on a monthly basis.

Management Accounts

Reliable management accounts will provide you with the data. You need to manage your cash flows effectively. make well-informed business decisions, and spot trends that will propel your company forward. This is what our management accounts consists of:

  • Together with notes, the income statement and balance sheet
  • Statement of cash flow
  • Information about direct costs and administration
  • Analysis of Debtors/Creditors
  • Inventory evaluation

Audit Preparations

A well-conducted audit can find operational inefficiencies, and assess compliance. test the effectiveness of internal controls to encourage best practices. throughout an organization, and more when done with the appropriate attitude. For more information, move to this relevant page of Audit Preparations.

However, in order to make the most out of an audit. you must be methodical in all aspects of your approach. including the frequently laborious collection and preparation of necessary documentation.

Getting ready for the end of the year can take a lot of time. We are able to get ready for this:

  • Mandatory financial statements at year’s end are prepared for audit
  • Lead balance sheet account schedules in advance of an audit
  • Communicating with your auditors to make sure the audit is completed smoothly

Accounting Supervision

We safeguard financial operations through staff supervision and accounting processing oversight. and approval, and recording and reporting. Our Accounting Supervision Service has the following important features:

  • We professionally streamline your administrative and accounting systems.
  • Corresponds with accounting financial standards by giving the accounting department’s annual budget information
  • Keeping an eye on spending, spotting deviations, and putting remedial measures in place
  • Keeps an eye on bank accounts and cash needs, investing any excess to maintain cash flow.
  • Authorizes checks and wire transfers. and confirms check amounts against invoices to approve cash disbursements.
  • Fulfills the objectives of the organization. and accounting by completing relevant results as needed.

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