Forensic Audit and Accounting Services in UAE

Forensic auditing describes a wide range of tasks. And regulatory guidelines do not provide a precise definition. The phrase “forensic accounting” generally refers to the broad range of investigative studies. That accountants may be required to complete. The work would typically entail looking into an entity’s financial matters. And it’s frequently connected to looking into fraud claims. Dive deep to know about Forensic Audit Services.

Forensic Audit Overview:

To gather information for use in a court of law or legal proceeding. A forensic audit looks through. and evaluates a person’s or an organization’s accounting documents. Accounting has a forensic auditing specialty.

Also, most big accounting firms have a forensic auditing department. Surrounding the audit is necessary for forensic audits. Forensic audits cover a broad spectrum of investigative tasks. to bring monetary offenses such as embezzlement, fraud, or other charges against a party.

A forensic audit is frequently carried out. The auditor could be asked to testify as an expert witness. During trial proceedings, if they conduct a forensic audit. Forensic audits may also encompass non-financial fraud scenarios.

Like disagreements about bankruptcy petitions, company shutdowns, and separations. A forensic audit follows the same steps as a standard financial audit. Planning, gathering information, drafting a report, plus the possibility of a court appearance.

The lawyers for both parties present evidence. That establishes the damages incurred, and either confirms or refutes the fraud. If a trial is necessary, they present their conclusions to the client and the court.

Why a Forensic Audit Is Required:

Numerous illegal activities may be revealed or verified by forensic audit investigations. A forensic audit is typically performed in lieu of a regular audit in cases. Where it is possible that the collected evidence may be presented in court. The planning, evidence collection, report writing, and potential court appearance.

The phases of a forensic audit are identical to those of a conventional financial audit. The attorneys representing the opposing parties present evidence that the discovery. Let’s know all about Forensic Audit Services.

Or refutation of the crime determines the harm incurred. Should the case proceed to a judge-led trial. They provide the defendant with an explanation of their findings. There are various reasons why forensic audit investigations are conducted. some of which are as follows:


When conducting a forensic audit to look into fraud, an auditor would watch out for:

  • Conflicts of interest: When a con exploits its position to further personal interests. at the expense of the business. For instance, if a manager permits and approves an employee’s erroneous costs. The employee and the manager have emotional ties. The manager is thought to have benefited personally from making such inappropriate approvals. Even though he did not directly profit financially from them.
  • Bribery: As the name implies, bribery is offering money in exchange. For favors or to accomplish tasks. For instance, (Company A) bought off a (Company B) employee. to give specific information so that. (Company A) could use it to prepare a tender offer for (Company B).
  • Extortion: It would be considered extortion. If (Company B) asked for money to grant (Company A) a contract.

Fraud on financial statements

Businesses engage in fraud to present an inaccurate picture of their financial performance. Giving false figures could ease pressure on market performance. Guarantee that top management keeps getting bonuses, or increases liquidity.

Financial statement fraud can take various forms. Such as deliberate manipulation of accounting records. Purposeful omission of revenue or expense transactions. Withholding pertinent information from financial statements. Or failure to adhere to required financial reporting standards.

  • Misappropriation of assets

The most prevalent type of fraud is the misuse of assets. A few instances of such asset misappropriation. include cash theft and forging false invoices. Paying imaginary contractors or workers, misusing assets, and inventory theft.

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How can we help you with Forensic Audit:

We assist our clients in anticipating and recognizing. And responding to risks and vulnerabilities resulting from global corruption and legal actions. Scams, financial mismanagement, and other hazards.

Learn how WAPC’s forensic advisory experts assist businesses in leading. Navigating and disrupting complex issues into opportunities for strength and long-term advantage.

Leading the way in helping businesses address the risks and weaknesses. posed by global fraud, corruption, and other threats is WAPC’s forensic division. 

We have extensive experience assisting clients in transforming challenging issues into opportunities for endurance and long-term advantages. Because of the strong team relationships. we establish, clients entrust us with multiple urgent needs, including:

  • Thorough examination of financial data down to the double entry level
  • Staff interviews that warrant further examination
  • A thorough examination of the supporting materials in light of the assignment’s requirements
  • Forensic investigation to locate and retrieve assets and money
  • Reports written from an analysis that was done
  • Provide analytical information for court cases.
  • Business examinations
  • Being thorough
  • Investigations and compliance with anti-corruption laws
  • Services for forensic technology
  • Conflicts over financial reporting
  • Act on False Claims
  • Prevention of fraud
  • Adherence to regulations

Our Forensic Audit Procedure:

At WAPC, we have certified forensic accountants with specialized training in accounting law. And forensic audit methodologies. Our methods for examining fraud consist of:

  • Preparing the Investigation: Before gathering evidence, we will have a comprehensive plan designed. Setting goals and objectives before starting an investigation. Always contributes to a successful conclusion.
  • Gathering Evidence: Our staff will gather pertinent evidence. paying close attention to all details. And working closely with the client’s management. This will be a thorough investigation that will help us accomplish our goals. And provide you with information about the “holes” in your control system.
  • Reporting: After reviewing all available data. Our skilled staff will produce an in-depth, illustrative report. This analysis will point out all the inconsistencies in your internal control framework. and instances of asset manipulation and fraud. We will also provide detailed instructions. on how to steer clear of similar situations in the future. And stop suffering significant losses. If the client wishes, the report may also be used to initiate legal proceedings.
  • Recommendations: Our forensic auditors will advise you on how to stop. and identify future asset mismanagement. We will give you information about your weaknesses. and how to address them to prevent further losses.
  • Court Proceedings: To explain the evidence gathered and the suspect’s identification process. our forensic auditors will also attend your court proceedings. We will assist in deciphering the intricate accounting jargon. and issues so that everything is clear and it is obvious that fraud. or other illegal activity was committed. know all about the Forensic Audit Services.

You can be sure that WAPC offers the best forensic audits that are easily accessible. Our department’s forensic audit team is made up of knowledgeable forensic experts. Not only do we have economic expertise, but we also have mental, electronic, IT, and legal expertise.